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SSTV on Raspberry Pi

Following a suggestion by Galway VHF Group mamber Steve, EI5DD, I thought I would give SSTV a shot. It’s not a mode I have any experience with, apart from hearing the transmissions at 14.230MHz when I tune around. Steve mentioned a cross-platform SSTV program QSSTV, which seems to run well on a Pi 2, so that’s what I decided to use. I have a Pi 2 that I use for playing with SDR and radio software already set up with the current Rasbian (wheezy). Initially, I installed the version of QSSTV in the Rasbian repositories, however, I got errors when it tried to open the audio device on the Pi. I uninstalled it and decided to build from source instead. The code and build instructions are available on;the author’s site. I started by installing the dependencies. sudo apt-get install g++ libfftw3-dev qt5-default libpulse-dev sudo apt-get install hamlib-dev libasound-dev libv4l-dev sudo apt-get install libopenjp2-7 libopenjp2-7-dev I then downloaded and exploded the source tarball and compiled and installed the binary. Compilation on the Pi takes a while, so be patient. $ cd ~/Development $ tar -xvzf qsstv_9.1.1.tar.gz $ cd qsstv_9.1.1 $ qmake $ make $ sudo make install Running the application is just a matter of entering ‘qsstv’ at the command prompt. $ qsstv Once started, it needs to be configured.