Bittrex.com Unicode URL phishing scam

Submitted by gerry on Tue, 10/10/2017 - 15:30

I occasionally use Bittrex to trade cryptos and were it not for my password manager, I would probably have fallen victim to a pretty subtle phishing scam.. The scam relies on the fact that in the huge unicode character set, there are many glyphs that look very like standard the roman characters we are used to as far as URLs are concerned. Many browsers do not make any visual distinction either, so if a letter looks like an 'A' for example, only some digging will reveal that it is in fact another character entirely.

Compare this, the legitimate URL...

Reflashing the Meraki MR12 AP with OpenWRT

Submitted by gerry on Mon, 01/30/2017 - 22:45

Meraki (now part of Cisco) are well known for their high-quality enterprise grade networking hardware. Over the last number of years, they have been promoting their kit by way of providing 'evaluation' units for the cost of simply attending a webinar. They specify that the attendee should be a 'networking professional', but it is possible that not every attendee is.
I recently acquired a number of these, where the evaluation period had expired, and the cloud-management interface was no longer accessible without a license key. This in effect makes the unit useless. Unless...

HackRF One + CubicSDR on Ubuntu 15.10

Submitted by gerry on Wed, 03/30/2016 - 15:17

I have been playing with Software Defined Radio for a number of years, but recently advances in high-speed sampling has put relatively high quality, extremely high frequency SDR within reach of everyone. A few years ago Eric Fry reverse-engineered the communications from a Digital TV USB Dongle to see that it transmitted raw samples.

Thrustmaster F22 USB Conversion - Part 2

Submitted by gerry on Fri, 03/13/2015 - 13:46

Having done some more research, it turns out that the chips in the handle are not MCUs, or at least not all MCUs. A few are shift registers, and, according to this post, talk SPI. The post also has a bit of code to capture the buttons.So, despite having the matrix all built, if I can just use a Teensy and build on that code, all the better.

Thrustmaster F22 USB Conversion

Submitted by gerry on Thu, 02/26/2015 - 13:42

A friend of mine bought me a Thrustmaster F22 for my birthday (thanks John!) a good number of years back, and I had many a fun sortie on DID's excellent EF2000 or F22 sims. It spent much of the last 10 or 12 years gathering dust rather than blowing away bogies, however, and due to the progression of technology, is no longer useful. Or at least this is what I thought, until I came across the controller modding community.