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Using Ghidra to Reverse Engineer Wifi Pineapple Protection

I prefer to build my own hack-tools. Partly because I am a cheapskate and partly because it is more educational. One device I have often thought of replicating but until recently hadn’t gotten round to it is the Wifi Pineapple from Hak5. This is basically a productified Wifi Attack Platform / Rogue Access Point. In past blog posts I had read that it is based on OpenWRT, and that the hardware is almost identical to the much cheaper GL-Inet AR-150 Wifi Router. Read more →

Building MCHF: A next-generation QRP SDR kit

A while ago, while browsing Ham Radio channels on Youtube, I came across an interesting project. Chris, M0NKA, an obviously talented hardware designer had designed a QRP Software Defined Radio (SDR) based on the STM32F407 from STMicroelectronics. The STM32F407 is a System On a Chip (SoC) that includes a Cortex M4 CPU core running at 200MHz, and some high-speed DAC/ADCs, capable of up to 7Msamples/sec, so a good candidate for a single-stage superhet Software based radio. Read more →

Bitcoin full-node on Raspberry Pi with NFS storage

I recently augmented my home-server with a bunch of additional storage. Since I have all this space, and a few Raspberry Pis lying around gathering dust, I though I might try running a Bitcoin Full Node at home. This has a couple of positive effects… it strengthens the overall bitcoin network, and it gives me a trusted verification for any inbound transactions. I first created an NFS share on my home server… I allocated a 250GB LVM volume with an EXT4 filesystem to it, added it to /etc/exports and restarted nfs service. Read more → Unicode URL phishing scam

68,I occasionally use Bittrex to trade cryptos and were it not for my password manager, I would probably have fallen victim to a pretty subtle phishing scam.. The scam relies on the fact that in the huge unicode character set, there are many glyphs that look very like standard the roman characters we are used to as far as URLs are concerned. Many browsers do not make any visual distinction either, so if a letter looks like an ‘A’ for example, only some digging will reveal that it is in fact another character entirely. Read more →

Building KV4QB’s S9 Signal Generator

65,I have previously talked about the highly informative blog run by DuWayne Schmidlkofer KV4QB. He often publishes board designs which he is happy for people do reproduce using their PCB house of choice. In the past I have built his Scalar Network Analyser, which has proved to be invaluable when tuning filters and building antennas. He has another project that I thought would be a very useful tool to have for any radio amateur interested in building their own rigs. Read more →

SBC6120 - RetroBrew Computers Edition

63,Following on from here. Farnell were typically swift with their turnaround wit most of the components arriving within a couple of days. I was not so timely, in either building out the board or writing it up, but better late than never… I had also ordered a CF to IDE interface. There is an IDE interface on the SBC board, but these days, it’s hard to find an IDE drive, and who wants a spinning platter with all of its attendant power consumption issues when a little bit of flash memory would do just as;well. Read more →

DIY Wonder Loop QRP Antenna

61,I am a member of a group on Facebook that shares and discusses antenna designs, usually of a portable nature. Recently the topic of the WonderWand WonderLoop antenna came up, particularly how expensive it is relative to its apparent complexity. A number of members had posted pictures of a torn-down control box, and it really seemed to contain little more than a transformer wound on a mix-6 toroid and a variable capacitor. Read more →

An Amplitude Modulator for use with my Feeltech FY3024 Signal Generator

I recently bought a new signal generator, the Feeltech FY3024. I chose this unit after a good amount of research on various Ham Radio forums, and the ever-useful EEVBlog. The consensus is that of the various Chinese function generators, the FY3024 is the best combination of cost, features and implementation. There are others, but they fall short, often on the quality of output, which is pretty important in a signal generator. Read more →

mcHF: a Next-Generation QRP SDR kit - Part II

59,Since the last post, I had gotten involved in a Facebook group with a focus on the mcHF transceiver. As well as being a great forum for sharing knowledge and experiences, it gave me the opportunity to get a very nice case in a group buy organised by one of the members. The case is 2-part design, which is easier to work with than the one I bought ;previously. It also comes with buttons, a speaker and very nice machined aluminium knobs. Read more →