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Open Streetmaps Revisited

Since I wrote;this blogpost, some of the sites and information referenced has disappeared or become otherwise out of date. Here is an updated version: \n \nOne of the OSM contributors creates regular builds of GB and Ireland converted to Garmin .img format and makes them available for download from;here. The .img files are zipped, and the largest is >550MB, so you’ll need a 1GB SD Card or bigger. Other countries and larger areas are available from;here. \n \nEither way, the next step is to create a directory ‘Garmin’ on the root of the SD card. Copy the .img file (after unzipping, if necessary) to the Garmin directory, insert into a compatible Garmin GPS and power on. After a few minutes it will start up. Press ‘Settings’ -> ‘Maps’ -> ‘Map Info’ and uncheck all but the OSM map you wish to display. Go back to the main menu and select View Map to see your newly installed map.; \n \nFrom what I have seen, the current state of OSM is vastly more up to date, and much more detailed than the Navteq offerings from Garmin. And they’re free (as in speech/beer).;Since the last post, this is even more true. The OSM maps are really excellent. \n \nIf you wish to build your own maps, current OSM map extracts may be downloaded;here. These extracts can be converted to Garmin format using;mkgmap. I intend to automate this process and make the output availble for direct download Real Soon Now. \n