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The New Shack

Ok, there have been a few additions, changes, retirements and so in in the old shack. The current lineup is…

VHF/UHF - Yaesu FT736R 4m - Philips FM1000 with PA4DEN 3.2 firmware HF - Icom IC756 PROIII HF Receiver - Drake 2B


There’s a little story behind each of these rigs. The ones that make me most happy these days are the Drake 2B and the PROIII.; The Drake came about primarily through hearing Bill Meara going on about them on his podcast Soldersmoke. I then came across an SK sale in the back of PW, got in touch with fellow GQRP member, Colin G3VTT, who was handling the sale, and with his great assistance, was the owner of a mint condition Drake 2B with matching 2BQ Q multipler. The PROIII is one of those things that we all dream about, but never dare hope we’ll ever own. They’re far too expensive to justify, even to save for, let alone just drop the cash on. However, a certain ham who I have known a while used to be an Icom dealer, and he required a website, whereas I am a web designer who would have loved a 756PROIII. Can you see where this is going? Barter is a womderul thing…